The Project Management Tool Kit

What Readers Say

Patrick Schmidt, Director, PS Consulting International, Stuttgart, Germany

This book provides a great overview on proven techniques and approaches that really work. This is exactly what project managers are looking for after reading the PMBOK®! It shows the "how to" which is missing in the PMBOK®. The tools are easy to grasp, and the approach goes far beyond the pure technical and methodological stuff to the human side—which is the essential part in most projects.

Joan Knutson, Speaker, Consultant, and Author of Succeeding in Project-Driven Organizations and other books, San Francisco, CA

Not same old, same old. Even though the topic has been addressed before, Tom Kendrick gives us the option to explore a specific deliverable in a "just-in-time" mode or to follow an entire process which is already packaged for us. This is one of the most inclusive, easily to navigate yet tight and concise text of this kind that I have read.

Nancy McDonald,, Associate Partner, Accenture, Wilmington, DE

The Project Management Tool Kit covers the techniques for project management from A to Z. It demystifies advanced concepts, such as earned value management, and it includes all the basics—from project planning to cost control to scope management. This is a wonderful guide for new project managers and a useful reference for experienced ones.

Catherine Tonne, PMP, Senior Project Manager, Inovant—A Visa Solutions Company, San Mateo, CA

Excellent reference tool! Having practiced PM for over 20 years, I know that due to projects' unique elements, no project manager uses all his or her skills and tools all the time. This book is great to have for a quick, no-nonsense refresher for those skills that may be a little rusty.

Robert Graham, PhD, PMP, Project Management Consultant and Author, Mendocino, CA

This book represents a unique and important addition for every project manager's bookshelf. Where other books outline the general tasks of project managers, this work supplies the "nuts and bolts" of important project management techniques, ranging from activity definition to virtual teams. The author has distilled the wisdom gained from many years of developing and working with some of the best project managers in industry. The result is this handy reference work that fully explains all that must be done to help promote project success.

Don White, Professor and Chair, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA

The Project Management Tool Kit contains a remarkably complete set of key project management tools, with each succinctly and clearly summarized. It's a great addition to the library of any project manager who is short on time and in need of quick updates on important PM topics.

Young Hoon Kwak, PhD, Professor of Project Management, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

The Project Management Tool Kit is a comprehensive and practical project management cookbook. It is a must for professionals searching for clear and concise guidelines.