How to Manage Complex Programs
High-Impact Techniques for Handling Project Workflow, Deliverables, and Teams

Tom Kendrick. 2016. Amacom.

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Program manager--it's one of the most challenging jobs you can have. Overseeing and coordinating multiple project teams and thousands of activities may seem a Herculean task, but it's easier with the right tools in hand. Successful program management begins with a good command of project management processes, but these are never sufficient. Once a program exceeds a certain scale, project processes become unwieldy. To see a program successfully through to completion, you must break the work down into simpler, smaller pieces and organize it into interdependent tasks. Complete with diagrams, graphs, and real-life examples, "How to Manage Complex Programs "explains the ins and outs of program management and provides concrete and effective techniques for structuring deliverables, workflow, and staffing.

You'll learn to:

Decompose complex deliverables into manageable chunks
Develop coherent plans for component projects
Handle cross-project dependencies
Organize program staff and project leaders into a high-performing team
...And much more

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