Identifying and Managing Project Risk, Fourth Edition

Why do so many projects fail? One reason is that the risks and expectations grow much more quickly than our tools and methods for managing them. Because today's projects are so time constrained, pose such huge technical challenges, and so often lack adequate resources, project managers must focus their attention on identifying and managing the risks to have any hope of success.

Identifying and Managing Project Risk, by Tom Kendrick, is a practical, hands-on guide to minimizing the possibility of failure in important projects. The book takes readers step by step through every phase of a project, revealing how to pinpoint the possible risks that permeate the process. A database of specific project risks and effective responses serves as the book's foundation, and relevant examples and figures support the text and illustrate key scenarios. Packed with real-world information and tools, this book is essential reading for all project managers seeking to failure-proof their projects.

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